3 Creative Uses For A Twin Mattress

If you are used to sleeping in a large bed, you might think you have no use for a twin mattress. While these smaller mattresses might not meet your needs in the bedroom, they can be useful in other parts of your home. Here are three creative uses for twin mattresses that will have you thinking twice about passing the smaller mattress section by in the future. 1. Build a sectional sofa using a twin mattresses. Read More 

Is The CPU Out In Your Computer? Make Sure You Understand What It Is

If the CPU (central processing unit) in your computer is dead, you need to understand what a CPU is and what it looks like. If you have never worked on a computer before, you may want to consider hiring a professional to install the CPU for you. If you do plan to do it yourself, you should find the below information helpful. CPU The CPU is a piece of hardware that is known as the brains of the computer, and it works harder than any other component. Read More 

Decorative Ways To Hide Power Cords In Your Home

These days, you may have more electronic and electric items in your home than physical books (can you say Kindle app?). In a modern age, it's convenient to have lamps, TVs, computers, and phone chargers nearby. But you don't necessarily want to see all the cords associated with them. They're unsightly and give a messy look to any room. Luckily, you can hide these cords with a few fun tricks. Read More 

Why Are My Circuit Breakers Tripping Out?

You plug in your crock pot and the kitchen goes dark. Your coffee pot turns off. The lights won't work. Your stove and microwave clocks need resetting. You run to the breaker box, find the switch to the kitchen and flip it. You've fixed the problem, right? The coffee's dripping, the lights work, and you reset the clocks to the minute. So you confidently plug in the crock pot. Once again, the circuit trips. Read More