Take Your Camping Trip To The Next Level With These Helpful Items

Camping is a great way to get out of the house and tune into nature. It can be invigorating to end the day near an open fire, relaxing under the stars at night. But some aspects of camping can get old pretty quickly, such as having no power to keep your radio and phones charged up. Luckily, you can take your camping trip to the next level and enjoy your time more thoroughly with the help of the following items:

Portable Power

One of the best ways to enhance your camping experience is to bring portable power along, like the kind from Explore Electric. There's no need to drag a generator around nowadays – you can simply carry a portable solar panel by attaching it to your backpack and then set it up on your tent when you settle into your camp spot. Some portable solar units are designed specifically to power cell phones or laptops, while others generate power for almost any device or lighting system as long as the power requirements don't exceed the amount of power your panel is capable of producing throughout a sunny day. Consider choosing a solar panel that rolls up for easy transport, or portable solar kits that come with multiple small panels so you can customize your power setup during each camping trip depending on your needs.

A Bathroom Kit

If you're like most people, you don't enjoy finding a place to use the restroom when camping in the woods when public restrooms aren't available. For privacy and cleanliness, consider taking a portable changing tent and a toilet along on your camping trip. Once at your camp spot, you can set up the tent and put your toilet within it to create a completely private bathroom facility to enjoy. When it comes to choosing a portable toilet to bring along, it's important to consider your long term needs.

Some toilets are designed using buckets as their base while others can be folded up and use bags for containment purposes. The bucket option is great for nearby trips that don't require a lot of hiking to get to your campsite, while the folding options are your best bet if you enjoy far-out destinations and those that are tough to traverse to on foot.

Taking these items along with you when on a camping trip will help ensure that you have nothing but fond memories of your time spent living outdoors.