Tech Gifts For Teens That Won’t Get Returned To The Store

It is frustrating to try to figure out what to buy for teens, only to find that they have returned the gift later. Teens love tech gifts, which makes buying the latest accessory, a new gadget, or an online service an excellent idea when trying to please. Consider the following tech gift ideas when you are faced with buying something for a teenager:

  1. Encourage teens to take care of their technology. The best way to do this is with a high-quality case or sleeve. For instance, most teens are crazy about their iphones; buy a cool clear silicone sleeve to keep the latest iphone 6 safe.
  2. Give the gift of reading. An e-reader is a great option when you want to buy a tech gift for a teenager. Some of the newest models have features that essentially make them function like a tablet or laptop.
  3. Get them moving. Give your teen an electronic activity tracker. These can be downloaded to the teen's computer and used to track activity, measure progress toward fitness goals, and motivate the teen to work out and get moving.
  4. Take a selfie. The typical teenager enjoys taking pictures, selfies, from time to time, and a selfie stick is the latest craze when it comes to using your phone to capture a photo. These are not expensive accessories, and there is a wide range of cool styles to choose from.
  5. Give them something to look forward to. If your teenager spends any time at all online, give them a paid subscription to a site, streaming service, or game system that they enjoy browsing. Depending on their personal interests, this could be credits for streaming online music or purchasing movies and games for the recipient to download.
  6. Boost the chance that they will back-up their stuff. There are some really cute and whimsical thumb-drives found online; give a teenager a fun thumb-drive that will foster the habit of always backing up work and files.
  7. Keep them safe. Keep your teen safe with a paid subscription for anti-virus software, that will keep their computer safe from viruses, malware, or spyware.

Give your teen a gift that they won't feel compelled to return to the store. Try these suggestions when shopping for a tech gift that will please even the most computer-savvy teenager. Talk with technology retailers about the latest models, featured options, and current promotions to find the gifts that best suit your teen, as well as your budget.