3 Creative Uses For A Twin Mattress

If you are used to sleeping in a large bed, you might think you have no use for a twin mattress. While these smaller mattresses might not meet your needs in the bedroom, they can be useful in other parts of your home.

Here are three creative uses for twin mattresses that will have you thinking twice about passing the smaller mattress section by in the future.

1. Build a sectional sofa using a twin mattresses.

If you are looking for an affordable way to incorporate a large sectional sofa into your living room, twin mattresses could be the answer. Using some fabric, furniture legs, a staple gun, and a couple twin mattress, you can create your own modern sectional sofa.

Start by investing in two twin mattresses with wooden frames. Purchase some furniture fabric in the style of your choice, and wrap the mattresses in the same way you would wrap a holiday gift. Use a staple gun to secure the fabric to the wooden frame on the bottom of the mattresses.

Next, use some screws to fasten furniture legs (which can be purchased at your local hardware or furniture store) to each corner of the mattresses. Arrange the two mattresses in an L-shaped pattern, and add some decorative pillows.Building your own sectional sofa allows you to customize the color and design, and using a twin mattress ensures your sofa will be large enough to accommodate the family on movie night.

2. Create an outdoor swing bed using a twin mattress.

The gentle sway of an outdoor swing can be very relaxing, and you can use a twin mattress to help create the most comfortable swing bed possible. A few shipping pallets, some lumber, and rope will give you the tools you need to create your own swing bed.

Start by measuring your mattress and collecting enough pallets to accommodate the size of the mattress. You may need to add some partial pallets in order to achieve the right dimensions. Slide 2" x 4" boards along the inside edges and through the middle of the pallet, and screw into place.

Drill holes in each end for rope (use rope with a 700 pound or greater workload limit), and anchor the ropes to a tree or beam. Place a vinyl cover on a twin mattress, lay the mattress on the pallet base, and enjoy your outdoor swing bed.

3. Make an outdoor pallet bench using a twin mattress.

If you enjoy spending time on your patio, then you likely want a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Making your own pallet bench using a twin mattress could give you the comfort and style you are looking for in your outdoor living space.

Start by collecting some pallets (which can be found for free by looking near the dumpsters of local businesses), and purchasing some outdoor fabric in a pattern that matches your personal style. Use some screws to attach the pallets to one another until you have created a base that matches the dimensions of your twin mattress.

Next, screw some casters to the bottom of the base to serve as legs, and cover the twin mattress with your outdoor fabric. Lay the mattress on top of the pallets, add some pillows, and enjoy your new outdoor bench.

Finding new ways to use twin mattresses doesn't have to be difficult. By building a couch, porch swing, or outdoor bench you can prove that twin mattresses don't have to be confined to the bedroom. Visit a local furniture store, like Merlins TV, to find the mattresses you need.