Is The CPU Out In Your Computer? Make Sure You Understand What It Is

If the CPU (central processing unit) in your computer is dead, you need to understand what a CPU is and what it looks like. If you have never worked on a computer before, you may want to consider hiring a professional to install the CPU for you. If you do plan to do it yourself, you should find the below information helpful.


The CPU is a piece of hardware that is known as the brains of the computer, and it works harder than any other component. It carries out all instructions. Everything you do goes through the CPU. For example, if you press the letter M on your keyboard and it appears on your screen, the CPU is what makes that possible. If you open a program, such as your favorite editing program, the CPU is what opens it for you.

CPU, RAM, and Hard Drive

The CPU works along with the hard drive and RAM (random access memory) on your computer. To make this much easier to understand think of the hard drive as a water well, the bucket used to get the water as the RAM, and the crank to move the bucket up and down as the CPU. The deeper your well, the longer it will take the water bucket to get up and down. The bigger your bucket, the fewer trips it has to make, and the faster the crank, the faster it can move the bucket up and down. For this reason, you need to have a large hard drive, and a lot of ram to go along with your good processor.

What It Looks Like

The CPU is square and small and has many connectors on the underside of it. The CPU is attached directly to a CPU socket, which is also known as a slot, on the computer's motherboard. When you insert the CPU into the slot, the pins side must be down. Once it is inserted, there is a lever that secures it in place.

Because the CPU works so hard, it can get very hot after you have been working on your computer for a while. If it gets too hot, it can be damaged and would have to be replaced. Because of this, a heat sink with a fan is placed directly on top of the CPU to keep it cool.

Now that you know what a CPU is, you need to make sure you choose one, such as an 1150-pin desktop CPU, that will best fit your needs.