Decorative Ways To Hide Power Cords In Your Home

These days, you may have more electronic and electric items in your home than physical books (can you say Kindle app?). In a modern age, it's convenient to have lamps, TVs, computers, and phone chargers nearby. But you don't necessarily want to see all the cords associated with them. They're unsightly and give a messy look to any room. Luckily, you can hide these cords with a few fun tricks.

Modify Your Bedside Table

One of the biggest gathering places of tangled cords may be your bedside table. You have a lamp, a phone charger, and a tablet charger sitting nearby for easy access. But you can make it look like the cords don't exist by turning the top drawer of your bedside table into a charging station. Simply drill a few small holes in the back of the drawer and thread the cords through there. Your electronics will sit in the drawer, out of sight.

Plastic Shower Rod Cover

Another area where cords bunch up is the TV area. With DVD players, speakers and cables running rampant, your console becomes messy.  And a wall-mounted TV leaves cords hanging down to the floor. If all you need is a near-invisible way to organize the cords (after all, you don't live in a magazine), try covering them up with a plastic shower rod cover. This flexible tube can be painted to match your wall color and keeps all cords neatly contained. 

Create a Faux Picket Fence

This next idea is helpful if you need a c15 power cord or permanent extension cord, or have cords that run along a whole length of wall. Keep them tucked in and safe by fixing them against the wall. Create dozens of small wooden "pickets" painted white to attach to the wall. You can use sticky tack or velcro to make sure they stay put on the base boards, giving off a picket fence effect. This is a whimsical way to hide all those long cords. 

Use Commande Strips

If picket fences aren't your thing, you can use Command Strips (the hook kind) to guide cords down table legs. Your lamp cord won't hang willy-nilly down to the ground, and you can maneuver placement, rugs, and furniture to make that cord look near invisible.

Sometimes you just can't avoid a visible cord. But if you can minimize the space it takes up, your life will feel less cluttered and more zen. Try these ideas to see which one works best for your electronic-laden lifestyle.